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Friday 1 September 2017:
BIG LAZY Friday 1 September 2017

Fri 1 Sep 2017, 22:00 - Barbès, New York
Fri 09/01 BIG LAZY . Big Lazy is an instrumental trio from New York City. 'The Big Apple´s Creme de la Creme' according to the Village Voice. References have been made to noir, spaghetti western, Lynch and Tarantino soundtracks, crime jazz and burlesque but Big Lazy´s organic and uncontrived music remains beyond category. "the beauty of Ulrich’s music is how it avoids specificity, leaving it to li
SHEPASHANABEN Friday 1 September 2017

Fri 1 Sep 2017, 20:00 - Barbès, New York
Fri 09/01 SHEPASHANABEN. Led by trumpeter and composer Ben Holmes, Shepashanaben is a new trio featuring Brad Shepik on guitar and hane Shanahan on drums. The music involves klezmer modes transposed to difficult keys with oodles of flats and sharps, and also the musicians have to count really hard, but it's super fun to listen to anyway. Plus the solos are great and the musicians play well tog
THE CROOKED TRIO Friday 1 September 2017

Fri 1 Sep 2017, 17:00 - Barbès, New York
Fri 09/01 THE CROOKED TRIO . Every Friday, 5:00pm to 7:00pm, our special cocktail hourset. Straight and skewed standards with Oscar Noriega - drums; Marta Sanchez - piano; Jeong Lim Yang - bass, and a rotating cast of special guests..

Saturday 2 September 2017:
SANDA WEIGL Saturday 2 September 2017

Sat 2 Sep 2017, 18:00 - Barbès, New York
Sat 09/02 SANDA WEIGL. In residence every Saturday in May at 6:00pm. This Week:
Romanian born Sanda Weigl blends gypsy music, german cabaret and jazz, mirroring her own life story.Sanda first achieved fame as a teen-age member of one of East Germany’s most popular rock band. After publicly denouncing Russia’s invasion of Czechoslovakia, she was sentenced to two years forced labor in an East Be

Sunday 3 September 2017:
SAMBA SURF Sunday 3 September 2017

Sun 3 Sep 2017, 19:00 - Barbès, New York
Sun 09/03 SAMBA SURF. Classical and jazz guitarist Michael Sheridan does original arrangements of traditional folk dances from Europe and South America. Pulling from every element of his diverse musical training this new repertoire include Sheridan´s arrangements of South American dances, traditional Romani music, gypsy swing and selections of from his first album. Samba Surf includes Ben Rosenblu
STEPHANE WREMBEL Sunday 3 September 2017

Sun 3 Sep 2017, 21:00 - Barbès, New York
Sun 09/03 STEPHANE WREMBEL . The French virtuoso guitarist first learned his craft with the manouche (the French Gypsies) but he has also gotten deep into American vernacular musical styles. He scored the theme song to Woody Allen´s "Midnight in Paris" which he also performed live dng the 2012 Academy Awards and he has been called "a revelation" by Rolling Stone. While his playing falls into the g

Monday 4 September 2017:

Mon 4 Sep 2017, 21:30 - Barbès, New York
attempt to depict the Astronaut’s vision from out of space: "I am from here but also from there" which
BRAIN CLOUD Monday 4 September 2017

Mon 4 Sep 2017, 19:00 - Barbès, New York
Mon 09/04
BRAIN CLOUD . Every Monday. "My brain is cloudy, my soul is upside-down... When I get that low-down feeling, I know the blues must be someplace around." (Bob Wills)The Brain Cloud’s brand of western swing draws from the New Orleans-meets-Texas, strings-meet-horns, jazz-meets-country sound that Bob Wills perfected on his mid-1940’s Tiffany Transcriptions radio broadcasts. The Brain Cl

Tuesday 5 September 2017:
SLAVIC SOUL PARTY Tuesday 5 September 2017

Tue 5 Sep 2017, 21:00 - Barbès, New York
album - "Plays Duke Ellington´s Far East Suite" was recorded live at Barbès. John Carlson & Kenny Warren
... Bentley (tuba), Matt Moran and Chris Stromquist (go?/snare/perc). $10

Wednesday 6 September 2017:
ANDY STATMAN Wednesday 6 September 2017

Wed 6 Sep 2017, 20:00 - Barbès, New York
legendary Dave Tarras and became one of the main architect of a Klezmer revival which started out 30 years

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